Headed to downtown. Doing some banking stuff for our nonprofit then off to the main library to get some downloads done. The internet at my house can't compare to that sweet sweet fiber.

@art you don't get sweet sweet fibre at home? How sweet/fast is the library fibre?

@dpreacher Not sure the max at the library but my wifi card tops out at 500-600 Mbps.

@art and it's still not sweet?! :D
your wifi card has one limit but i guess your provider must be giving a certain speed as well. I am over the moon with 150 mbps. that also in my own place, the cable installed by previous isp allowed only 100mbps, so i am doing okay with that. i must learn these high speed ways of showing isp how slow they are.

@dpreacher I got a new ISP coming on the 3rd. Only 35Mbps. The last service I had I was paying for 150 but I was only getting about 20.

The library will still win for speed. 🤣

@art that sounds like you're from a developing country like mine. :P
so when does a 150 mbps line through a 500mbps wifi card become a bottleneck?
20 seems like an issue, but what about which frequency, which channel, how many other devices, how far from isp link/router is your device?

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