VPN Talk 

I've been using Proton VPN again. I have the free tier and it's really good. There is no p2p support but that's not the main reason I use it.

Using free wifi a lot of protocols and sites are blocked. The free tier let's me run my apt updates and access git repos that are weirdly blocked.

I can do this with tor but it's not always a slick.

If I torrent it's usually with a spun up VPN, torrent, and then scp back to me. Might be extra steps but it works for me.


VPN Talk 

One of the reasons I like Proton over other free VPN services, is the ovpn files. I'd rather just use OpenVPN instead of installing some proprietary software.

VPN Talk 

Are you talking about running or wanting to run openvpn as a client? Because rolling up a openVPN server is an absolute pain in the butt...

VPN Talk 

@CarbonCatalyst No, I just meant using ovpn files with a VPN service is better than trying to install some propriety application.

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