Unpopular Comic Book Opinion 

Seriously, the Joker is just not a very good character. It's about the actor. Only a good actor can make such a bland character good.

re: Unpopular Comic Book Opinion 

@art I agree with that.

Unpopular Comic Book Opinion 

@art There's been plenty of good takes on the Joker, but there's also been some terrible ones. The live action ones tend to be a mixed bag with some of the more recent ones bringing down the curve for me. I still enjoy Jack Nicholson as the Joker myself.

Unpopular Comic Book Opinion 

@art I feel actors cam bring in that randomness and unpredictable quirks in a character that necessarily can't be scripted in a way that feels fresh and interesting. Partly the reader's imagination also comes into play. Just my interpretation

@art I've argued yesterday that the Joker only makes sense as en extension of Batman but not on his own:…
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