Google AMP. A copy of your website on Google servers.

Now Google is testing hiding URLs.

Google is trying to swallow the internet.

@art Geez, it was bad enough when they removed the "http://" from the address bar

@art I mostly don't use Google anymore, unless I can't find something on other search engines. But I tested it and I see what they're talking about.

@art hellll no.
It will kill the very little of decentralization that there is in the www!

@art is still around and works great! It's my main search engine.

@art Eh, the amp thing is overblown. Signed exchanges will restore your URL for your content. Removing visible URLs from their page, sure, crappy, but it is their page. Just don't use google, I guess?

@art used to use DDG as primary and Google as secondary but as of this week the disputable honor of being my secondary search engine goes to Bing.

Which is kinda weird because it's *Bing*, yet here we are.

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