This is very surprising. No one could have ever guessed this would happen in a billion years.

> Alexa and Google Home abused to eavesdrop and phish passwords

cuck joke 

Cripes, man, they willingly paid actual money to have a surveillance device in their home. How did they THINK that was going to turn out?

@flugennock @art

It isn't as crazy as you suggest. For one, the article is about security researchers who made POC exploits for the 3rd party app api, which is not well-used. For two, it's sort of unsurprising that new application models need to grow and have new security stories worked out. Voice computing as a primary interface has only really been a serious option for less than a decade.

There are unfortunately very few devices that can replace these devices for their audiences. It'd be great if we could see the free software community address this space, but I suspect they won't anytime soon.

@endomain @art The issue isn't just the software here, it's the goddamn surveillance device — and that people happily pay real money to have one in their home. THAT'S the REAL problem — that Google and Amazon are hyping "smart home" surveillance apparatus.

@flugennock @endomain @art

I don't have any of that shit in my house. The only use case I've seen that actually helps people, is in the case of some disabled folks. That's it. The rest is just convenience. I for one, prefer privacy.

@bort @endomain @art Oh, yeah; if I were convalescing or bed-ridden somehow, something like that could be handy — but then, you could probably go to an electronics shop and just get a couple of intercom sets and not worry about a recording of your voice being sent to Google or Amazon.

@flugennock @endomain @art

I had a discussion with someone who was disabled that it really helped give them a lot more freedom in their home. So I have heard at least a few cases where it helps people stay in their homes without assistance. But that number is extremely small. But yeah, there needs to be a better option that isn't tied to these shit companies. iirc, one of the big things was being able to get lights on and off. there were a few other things too, just can't remember them off hand. But I'm sure there are other solutions out there for some of that stuff. I think that was more of a disabled people can't afford the stuff kinda deal.

@bort @flugennock @art Another big beneficiary of voice systems are children. Not unlike touch interfaces, voice is transformative.

@endomain @bort @art Y'know, I could almost get behind that if it weren't for Google and Amazon saving peoples' voice recordings and using them for dog knows what.

@flugennock @bort @art maybe, but that isn't what that article is really about, is it?

@art Hold on a minute here

Are you telling me that putting a web-enabled always-on microphone in my home introduces security issues?

@W10x12_UNO @art Can't think why ;-P Next you'll be telling me that the NSA will be conecting them to ECHELON

@W10x12_UNO it's not web enabled nor is it always on. You can verify this on your network if you want.

@endomain I was being lazy with my words, when I should have said internet-connected and it most certainly is always on, otherwise it wouldn't be able to tell when you say the wake up phrases. Whether it is constantly sending data is another matter, but it's always listening.

@art that one needs to be filed under "fluke" ;)

@LPS @art Hopefully not. It's the result of good security research. If voice computing is to become a thing, its developer model has to mature.

@art And Amazon wants me to put a camera in my bedroom to help me with me fashion. No thanks, Amazon.

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