> Firefox Private Network is a desktop extension that helps secure and protect your connection everywhere you use Firefox.

VPN From Mozilla

@yukiame @art

And Provided by cloud flare 🤔 many won't going to like this

@yukiame @art

You can register using a proxy that is in U.S. and it will connect to the nearest Cloudflare server ( is the anycasted IP)

However, I would not recommend using "Firefox Private Network", as it is created by Cloudflare, a reverse proxy service for webmasters (meaning it can sniff on encrypted connections to Cloudflare-proxied sites as it terminates TLS (MiTM) for those sites)

@art Keep in mind that both Mozilla and Cloudflare are based in the US, so depending on the actor you are trying to hide your traffic from, this may not be the VPN for you

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