I'm shutting down my sever. Going to use and as my default. No server needed. Now that I'm dropping my home internet for mobile only, its hard to justify.

So far my contacts and calendar are effortlessly synced.

@art I should prob check out SyncThing or what ever for calendar and contact syncing/backup.

@jordan31 @art you actually might want to check out DecSync in combination with Syncthing: DecSync CC (Sync contacts and calendars without a server using DecSync and Syncthing) -

@art doesn't mobile internet have a data cap tho?

@Wolf480pl Some plans. I upgraded to the $40 plan so there is no hard datacap. However just like a traditional ISP if I use over a certain amount of data I get lower priority of spectrum.

Once in a while my speed goes from 25Mbps to 5Mbps. I don't notice very often.

@art really?
Where I live, any fixed line internet access (ADSL, DOCSIS, fiber, and the like) is unmetered. No data cap at all, not even a soft one.


Interesting idea. Having one less server to maintain is a big win. I wonder how you deal with large files, such as photos? Syncthing doesn't do selective sync AFAIK

@ninja So far my technique has been to just wait. There is file pull order but I haven't dived that deep into the setting yet.


My question was really about - What'd you do when the total size of photos exceed the device's storage space?

@ninja That's a good question. I've been lucky enough to not have had that problem just yet.

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