Our local library let's has free to use 3D printers.

Today i picked up my legs! They're really strong. Just need to clean up the texture a bit. Kinda flaky around the corners.

The bus driver who took me uptown to the library is now the same one taking me back downtown.

A familiar friendly face!

@art There are a few places I can take the bus, spend a specific (short) amount of time there, and then reliably get the same bus with the same driver on the way back.

Today I had one of those kind of moments when I went to see this bridge near where I live (Rävsunds bro / Kirjalansalmen silta)

@art I like those. Looks like I need to fire up the printer.

Great! Thanks for the tip! I think I'm gonna do the same: I know one guy with 3D-printer that would be interested in such thing🙂

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