Not all membrane keyboards are created equal. Today I picked up a Lenovo KB4721 at the local thrift store for $8.

It offers an almost like typing experience. These can be found on EBay for less than $20.

@Jason_Dodd Hey, if I'm in dire need of a decent keyboard, and I only got $20, It's hard to beat. 😀

@art aha. i know the feeling. In those cases, I've always been able to find serviceable keyboards for $3 or less at most thriftstores.

@art Coincidentally, I saw one such lenovo keyboard today for $1.99

@art I have one of the ThinkPad USB keyboard (with trackpad) in a similar style that’s quite good too.

Hey I'm planning to buy a thinkpad do you recommend it? I can't afford a latest model so I thought going for a l470 i5 or a t450 i7 one.

@Sujee Out of those two I think you'll get more bang out of the t450. It's got a user up gradable battery and you can find some of them for less than $250 USD.

The L series seems to be less popular which means less parts for when things break too.

Ah got it, thanks a lot for your help. Then I'll be going for the T450 one. :unarist: thank you again!

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