Bought a x1 Carbon 3rd gen from a buddy yesterday for $180. It's a little beat up but it's beefy. 1440p screen and i7 chip. Touch screen. I'll be getting some replacement parts but this will probably become my daily driver now.

@art how is touchscreen support for laptops on linux generally. are there any proprietary drivers needed?

@dpreacher Worked out of the box however it shows up just as a mouse.

@art @dpreacher so it's basically like a left mouse-click where wherever you touch? Can you two-finger touch for right-click, or anything similar? This is good to hear that it's at least functional, as I was getting a lot of mixed messages when looking in to this recently.

@self @dpreacher Haven't tested that out. I'll check later and report back.

@self @dpreacher Nope. Just a single left click. Couldn't find a way to right click. I'm not much of a touch screen user. I might disable it.

@art that is a steal, even if it is beat up!

I have a gen 2 X1 Carbon - best laptop I ever owned by far.

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