Hey Fediverse! I have a question:

I want to collect analytics of traffic on my site.

I don't want to have that data in the hands of companies like Google.

I can't really justify the price of setting up a Piwik server right now.

What is an ethical way of doing this?


How about Countly?

Also there are a few articles around on how to parse access.log and getting data from there.

@art In theory, you can just use your HTTP server's logfiles, it's got most of the data a solution like Piwik would but doesn't make any extra requests or send extra data to do so.

But I don't know any good tools to process this into a usable form.

@alcinnz I'm using Netlify to deploy my Jekyll pages. No logs there that I know of.

@art If you're not self-hosting, I don't know if I'd advise analytics. Though if you are willing to self-host the analytics, I think I've heard of some software called "KISS analytics" or something.

Otherwise the question really becomes who do you trust to not abuse the data you're sending them, and I don't know if I'd trust anyone.

@art Do you have your own server that can run MySQL for your website? I used to run Piwik right on my own site with no additional cost.

@danarel Not right now. I'm using Netlify to host my Jekyll site.

@art ah. yeah, that's the same setup I have. Im not sure there is much out there options wise, even recent Piwik changes have jeopardized their place in the ethical realm.

@danarel Oh! I'll have to learn more about that. I didn't know.

@art if you want a GUI

there's a CLI tool that scans logs and gives you stats - I forget the name

@jalcine $14 a month is more than it would cost to run a VPS with Piwik.

I'm trying to keep my costs down.

@art Gotcha! I also didn't know your technical aptitude - my bad for not checking/asking first. I think you can self-host Fathom though:

@art I've been using Clicky. They offer anonymizers. Free and paid plans. Javascript-free and -burdened. Nice graphs, detailed drilldown, segmentation, campaigns.

@art you have the access logs from your webserver i assume

start by symlinking the log files to /dev/null

@art @jalcine I haven’t used it yet personally, but I saw Plausible launched the other day. It’s a gA alternative with a focus on privacy and simplicity:

@art What kind of details do you want to analyze? And what kind of web server is running it? Plus, have you access to the logs? Keeping things simple, a log analyzer (webalizer, logalizer) might fit.

@art self-host a Matomo (Piwik) instance. Most shared hosting providers have it within Softaculous.


Well, it depends on what provider you use. You can get a server for $2/month at scaleway, and that is enough to run matomo


@art What is the value in collecting stats for which $14/mo is too high a price?

At a first approximation, you don't need this.

@art About OSS server traffic analytics: years ago (say a decade) I used awstats for most stuff and some scripts with mrtg to visualize some extra stuff. I remember this was not server intensive -- you could easily transfer the logs and run analytics on another computer.

I had a quick look around: piwik is now called matamo (still OSS), open web analytics is a serious contender and AWStays is still around. There is also a tool called Countly Community edition, though I don't have much more info about that.

I hope this helps...

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