@art RIP Mastodon, it never stood a chance against social media giants like Twitbook and Facer. ;(

@art lol what I like about that whole way of thinking is that it reinforces the core values of most of the decentralized instances I'm on. Great gif response.

@art That Mastodon thing is never going to take off.

@art everyone knows #mastodons are dead for a couple thousand years, on land too!

@art we got 2017, 2018, someone needs to get on it for this year now

@art Does that mean we're all Zombies here? Or Dead (Wo)Men Walking? 😱 And what's that with the water? Gotta drown the original of that quote? 🤔

Haha, to say it with Ruby Rod: Who cares? Happy tooting, folks :yay:

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