@art > We lost users during every oops. And we spent effort and frustration every clock tick on that instead of improving our product.

So out of time that they’ve managed to overhaul the interface twice, introduce several huge stillborn features and remove small but actually important on the way.

Fuck that Nightingale, he just tries to blame Google for Mozilla’s own faults. For as much as I despise Google, it’s but natural, that Google would optimise its products for its own browser. If Mozilla owned youtube, Chrome would have a thousand of small issues – that is expected. Seeking someone to blame outside of Mozilla (in the first place – outside) shows him as an incompetent person.

Firefox wouldn’t be half as bad, if all they did was just maintaining compatibility and focusing on the basic features like HTML5, mp4/webm playback, transport streams, faster javascript etc.
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@tija Apparently Edge had similar issues when a former dev spoke out against it. Now they're adopting Chromium with preview builds already available. Who knows?

I think Google are pretty slimey but it would be wrong to absolve Mozilla of any responsibility. They have crap like WebVR support and tacky cosmetic animations to make Firefox feel faster but it doesn't actually make it faster. It's good that they're trying to remove the XUL maintenance burden but at the same time there's more bloat coming in.

Mozilla should have got their act together years ago. They may be trying now but how long will it last before the last challenger falls to the Big G?
@tija It's a zombie at this point. Sadly the 'modern' WWW is a two-party system when it comes to browsers.

@art Presumably Google was aware of how adblockers were eating into their revenue. If they didn't create their own browser everyone else was going to eventually block ads by default.
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