I meant to ask you.

Is this a mechanical keyboard ?


@noorul On each key in a mechanical keyboard there is a switch. Most non mechanical keyboards use a membrane instead of mechanics.

I made a tiny little video that might help.

That is sweet, buddy.

A picture speaks thousand words.

Now, I get better idea of mechanical key broad now. So great advantage is that keys are replaceable?

Unfortunately, I can't examine that keyboard.


@noorul @art The most important feature is the clickety-clickety-clack! ✨👩🏻‍💻✨

@noorul The advantage of mechanical keyboards is in the switches themselves. There is an actuation point. That click is the physical point where you feel that the key is pressed. I'm probably doing a terrible job of explaining it.

Personally I feel that I'm more accurate. It's also a very enjoyable typing experience.

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