Everyone has a camera in their pocket but nobody's taking pictures.

Yeah -- nature is awesome. I saw a couple of skies in Pennsylvania look like that in the past 6 months. It always makes me feel like the universe we're living in is a fantasy land and that on those moments we can glimpse that truth.

@art Mine is fixed focus and shoots photos, like it has a cataract. Yes it's a smartphone from 2015.

@frankiesaxx @art, I think people are taking too many pictures, but this picture is still dope.

@art I see these and I have a camera in my pocket, but it's shitty.
I wish I could take pictures like that, because I have seen it, been in it, and it's kind of magical.

@gemlog @art

I have the $10 flip phone which takes only postage-stamp sized pics which can *only* be shared with other people who have the same type of phone. :/

I am a step up from there. I have an 85$CAD phone that takes regular jpegs I can share - just no one wants them ;-)

@art sometimes, being in the moment requires not trying to take a picture of the moment.

@art I took some pictures of similar clouds recently, they didn't come out

Thanks for getting a good pic and posting it

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