Does anyone have any experience running on a Chromebook XE303C12? Thinking about picking one up just as writing machine.

@art It's an arm device, yes, but I would be more concern about the protections again't replacing the original system. Maybe it's nothing, but for my Asus c200, even if it's an x64_86 processors, I had to cut an internal rivet to be able to make change to the boot partition and replace the bios by seabios from to be able to boot something else.

@df5t0rw Some of them we're just a switch under the battery. I think it depends on the model.

I've had about 4 different models and the biggest hurdle has been boot loaders and sometime trackpoint drivers.

@art Then you have way more experience than me. I just got the one ^^' I hope you succeed if you go forward with that. Having a writing machine with 11 - 15 hours of battery is really great. Mine on archlinux with power optimization run 14 hours; perfect for events. Easily doing 2 days conference without having to charge it.


I build a chromebook using galliumOS worked great!
link to hardware compatibility

@art my experience has been spotty at getting reasonable installs on Chromebooks, and most of the successes seem to have been running them in virtualized ways and not actually like... installed, if that makes sense?

has your experience been different?

@stuarttempleton The last few times I installed Debian on a Chromebook have been really good. These were Intel versions with Seabios and I know the XE303C12 might not have that.

@art Not yet, but I have one, and when it stops getting updated, I'll be heading down that road too.

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