SSDs are so lightweight. I always expect them to be heavier.

@art I installed one in a computer case the other day and I was like "can't I just tape this somewhere?"

@art My dell inspiron 15 has one, eventhough it is an m.2 on a sata adapter, and i tend to get about 12 hours of runtime with this 3 to 4 18650 based laptop battery and tlp on office type loads.

@lyliawisteria It's the normal width of most laptop drives that I've used. It's a lot of plastic where as mechanical drives have a lot more metal.

@art so it's not nearly the thickness of a credit card and i'm just seeing things?

@lyliawisteria Yeah, the angle in this pic makes it look thinner.

@art OMG one of those made a world of difference to my ol' MBPro. Down to a 30-second readiness state, compared to 4 minutes on the previous HD!

@art I also just bought a pair of those. They're getting so cheap and light.

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