I love but when it comes to live environments does a decent job.

My SSD somehow got scrambled and I'm running the live until after work tomorrow when I'll have time to fix everything.

On the live image I was able to install all the tools I need so I can work fairly seamlessly.

+ LibreOffice
+ Gimp
+ Chrome ( I know...
+ FileZilla

It only took about 5 minutes to set up. This is why I love Linux.

@inditoot @art Because people simply don't want to use something they dont't like? Seriously tho, is fediverse a place to only talk about foss projects, express hate to any proprietary softwares? Folks wandering around and questioning other people's choices?

@Ashpex @art

Questioning Criticism are not hate and there is valid reason for that.
Asking someone and having there opinion over it, knowing why? its not a bad thing, it helps in curing your ignorance.
User who joined fediverse are concern about privacy so no wonder people aggressively talk about Foss and We can see its beauty.

@inditoot @art Questioning why people use proprietary softwares instead of ope n source alternatives every single time is the hate I'm talking about. Open source is great and all the positives about it but someone just wants to get their things done. I once encountered the "discrimination" just because I use an app that is in their blacklist. Sorry for all the flood, didn't mean to push it too far.


Its just your frustration which you taking out here. I Simply wrote "When you say chrome" and asked a question "why not mozilla" 🤔 didn't see any hate in that.

"I once encountered the "discrimination" just because I use an app that is in their blacklist." - I dont have any clue what happened so i dont really know what to say about it.

@art Can You end once and for all

@inditoot @art Sorry for all the frustration. We can end this already. Have a nice day.

@art I was recently able to use a Debian live disk image to recover data from my mom's Windows 10 laptop. Worked just fine.

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