RSS is still the backbone of podcasts no matter how much Apple likes to make people think any different.

@art We shouldn't have called it "pod"casts. Naming them after the iPod just makes Apple think they need to own it!

I'd like to add attention to the possibility of "podcasts" becoming so generic that it erodes the legal rights the company may want to claim over the term. Much like what happened to Aspirin or Velcro. (This varies from country to country so what I just mentioned may be worthless to some people.)

@alcinnz @art Like it or not, the iTunes rss spec is the backbone of podcast feeds, cause RSS is stuck at 2004 by itself.

@alatiera @art I've seen some podcasts that use that spec, some that don't.

Though the only reason I've looked is that I've been implementing webfeed UIs.

@javi @art I'm sorry, I don't know how. Maybe the most feasible thing would be to start abbreviating it to "casts", I'm not sure.

@alcinnz @javi
I often refer to audio podcasts as "Radio shows". 😅

@art @alcinnz Totally valid too :D I guess they're just radio shows on demand, you're right!

Hey, we tried to stop it. I became a raving lunatic back when it was happening, but no one cared, because everyone else just had iPods/iTunes and couldn't fathom anything else.

@art not just Apple but even sites like medium I guess.
Also your videos are fun. Watching them before you turn them French.. 😝

@art RSS: another "dead' tech that I use every day and still seems to be near-ubiquitous.

@art RSS should still be the backbone of so many things. Most content-consumption in fact.

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