@art A few things.
1. The shadow means you need to grow a *nix beard, like me. 😁
2. Woot! Fellow Mandrake user! πŸŽ‰ I started using it when it was called "Linux-Mandrake", so I've aged myself with that. πŸ‘΄
3. Love the Arch meme. 🀣
4. Have you tried using "testing"? It's quite stable while still providing rather updated packages.
5. That desktop screenie is #hawt!
6. I'll be subscribing. πŸ‘

@claudiom 1. I would but the girlfriend hates the beard. lol
2. 🀘
3. It's the best.
4. Testing was not bad but it was still more work than stable.
5. Unsplash has the best.
6. Thank you!

@claudiom @art oh yeah, Mandrake. I vaguely remember that. And thinking 'what the hell is this'll?

@art that is pretty much my setup! Throw in some ZFS goodness and I'm totally with you.

@art I remember Mandrake, used it back in the day as well.

@jcbrand @art mandrake was great back in the day. I remember they even sold box copies at the local Walmart. Imagine that, something useful at Wally World! 😁

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