Got a few new keycaps. Finally replaced my Windows key with a proper key. Now I just need to find a way to replace Windows key on my .

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@art Nice. I know you can get Linux/BSD stickers to cover the Windows logo on your keyboard. They tend to be pretty expensive for what they are (several dollars for a fairly small sticker), but it's an option for keyboards that don't have easily replaceable keys.

@ink_slinger I have the backlit keys on the Thinkpad. I might have to 3D print a key.

@art @ink_slinger it looks like your Gnome key isn't letting backlight through as well...😐

That's a pretty keyboard! May I ask, what kind of keyboard this is?

@patrik @art Yes, I'd like to know. I'm in the market for a small-form mechanical keyboard to take with when travelling.

@lordbowlich @patrik AnnePro. However I'd get the AnnePro2 now. Same layout, bigger battery, USB-C, two Fn keys.

@art @lordbowlich

Ah, I heard that name before.

It's on my wishlist now. With blue key mechanics 😎

Are you happy with it function wise?



I'll start saving then. Where did you get it from?

Someone told me some that it"s hackable in the sense that the firmware is written in Rust.

That'll be a great fun to dive into that and Rust! 😍

@art I found a seller for roughly 65€. But it comes from China though. 20 days delivery.

Hm, maybe some one will sell one used locally in the nearer future.

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