I've been an active user of for years. Tonight I discovered Maps ( ) It's a fork of Maps.Me and it's amazing.

Offline maps, location aware search, ad free, Android and iOS builds. Neat!

It's a hell of a lot lighter and more user friendly than OsmAnd.

@Canageek An awesome open source map and navigation application.

@art good, ive wanted an alternative to osmand~ and google maps

@wowaname @art i just linked it in a reply to that toot :p

@wowaname @art not sure, am just installing it right now. hopefully @art can tell ?

Maps android app 

@kaniini seems like links aren't auto-linked in Markdown mode?

@art it's great! use it myself. has public transport too!

@art does it have the annoyance of, such as traffic live data?

@wuhei I don't see that anywhere in the app.

@art After hours of trying to get it to compile, it finally does!

@art I have some issues with Maps/omim after compiling. Taping and holding causes it to freeze crash for instance. Couldn't find this issue on gitlab either. Is there a binary release for this from gitlab?

@CarbonCatalyst I don't really ever compile my Android apps. That's something that I really should get familiar with but I'm very lazy. 😁

@art Last follow up on this topic. Turns out, at least with a Wiko Lenny 2, Maps has a pretty high batter consumption, so for longer car or bike rides I'll probably stick with Navit for the time being. I'm not a big fan of it only telling you which way to turn, without saying the street name or direction of travel (e.g. on the highway), though. It works pretty well though, when it has stable GPS lock-on and it's super helpful that it can show opening times for businesses, upon clicking on 'em.

@CarbonCatalyst That's good to know. I don't use navigation very often.

@noorul @art Not so easy to find within F-droid app, but a search for "axet" shows "Maps"(off-line maps). Thanks for sharing.

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