Subtitles will be on all of my videos soon. Just need to take time to build them.

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@astheroth The only "issue" was that the wifi was in the non-free repo. Everything else was perfect.

@art Very rarely do I come across a video where I agree with everything 100%, and then some

I'm planning to retrofit mine with a spare x220 keyboard, only because I really like that feel. I got mine on eBay too. It's so far been able to handle kdenlive and openshot just fine, which are pretty much the only resource intensive programs I use. I disabled the touchpad and only use the pointing stick and it's been very easy going

This was a fun video. Thanks for sharing! 😊

@cypnk Thank you! I love the feel of the 220 keyboard but I often work in low light so the backlit was a must for me.

@cypnk @art I didn't know that old 220 keyboards can fit on 230!
I own an x220 but the plastic is breaking a lot lately. I'm looking at x1 carbon lately for my next ThinkPad.

@cypnk @art The x230 is such a wonderful little machine for firmware hacking and with the x220 keyboard it is a delight to type on.

@art Nice video! I just last week got myself a X240, but going to get into my hands only later this month. It seems these X-series used laptops pose some serious value.


maybe I asked this already. What do you use for video editing ?

@art great video Art, really enjoyed that. +1 for the ThinkPad here. I was recommended a ThinkPad by @popey a few months ago, I picked up an x1 Carbon for a little over £300. By far the best laptop I've ever owned, and the linux support is perfect.

I'd love an XPS 13, but why pay ~2k when I can get such a fantastic machine that meets my needs for a fraction of the cost.

@art - Nice laptop. I have a T430. They are solid laptops. My only complain is the chiclet keyboard. It gets sticky and nasty too fast. Otherwise, the machine is perfect for anything.

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