Subtitles will be on all of my videos soon. Just need to take time to build them.

@astheroth The only "issue" was that the wifi was in the non-free repo. Everything else was perfect.

@art Very rarely do I come across a video where I agree with everything 100%, and then some

I'm planning to retrofit mine with a spare x220 keyboard, only because I really like that feel. I got mine on eBay too. It's so far been able to handle kdenlive and openshot just fine, which are pretty much the only resource intensive programs I use. I disabled the touchpad and only use the pointing stick and it's been very easy going

This was a fun video. Thanks for sharing! 😊

@cypnk Thank you! I love the feel of the 220 keyboard but I often work in low light so the backlit was a must for me.

@cypnk @art I didn't know that old 220 keyboards can fit on 230!
I own an x220 but the plastic is breaking a lot lately. I'm looking at x1 carbon lately for my next ThinkPad.

@cypnk @art The x230 is such a wonderful little machine for firmware hacking and with the x220 keyboard it is a delight to type on.

@cypnk Hm… You’re making me wonder what I am going to do. I bought a X240, but couldn’t stand the lack of specific buttons to go with the trackpoing and was planing to buy a X230 instead, although I noticed this is a new kind of keyboard compared to my current X200, it did not felt bad on the X240, but I am not sure how it feels on a more intensive use. I would be very interested to know how it goes if you do that keyboard switch! @art

@arcans I've used both and the x240 does feel a bit more strange to use at first, but eventually, I got used to it. But I still prefer the x220. Unfortunately, the only keyboard transplant method I found is from the x220 to the x230 :

I don't know when I'll have the time to switch (will need lots of coffee encouragement before I start :P)

@cypnk Thanks for the link!

Yeah, not exactly trivial, I will keep that in mind.

The keyboard was not a big problem with the X240. Different feeling of course, but I haven’t used it enough to see if the 6 row instead of 7 is a problem for me. Overall, I think I can get used to it as I am used to switch keyboard even at work, and I used a 6-row keyboard on a desktop in the past.

The buttons integrated to the touchpad were the real deal-breaker for me on the X240.

@art I don't have a PeerTube account (yet) so I'll just have to send you my comment here...

Nice informative video! Good editing and polish too... And of course I'm looking at ThinkPads on eBay now :P

(I'm a sucker for that 220 style mech keyboard so I don't know that I'd go with that exact model personally)

@karyl @art hey did you know that if you paste the link to video ( in the search on mastodon - you can reply to that "toot" and your comment will appear on #PeerTube?

@luka @art WHOAAA that is super cool! I just tried it and it worked just like you said :)

@karyl @art

yes, beauty of federation and ActivityPub. i hope this will work with @pixelfed and other AP-based federated web apps

@art Nice video! I just last week got myself a X240, but going to get into my hands only later this month. It seems these X-series used laptops pose some serious value.


maybe I asked this already. What do you use for video editing ?

@art great video Art, really enjoyed that. +1 for the ThinkPad here. I was recommended a ThinkPad by @popey a few months ago, I picked up an x1 Carbon for a little over £300. By far the best laptop I've ever owned, and the linux support is perfect.

I'd love an XPS 13, but why pay ~2k when I can get such a fantastic machine that meets my needs for a fraction of the cost.

@art - Nice laptop. I have a T430. They are solid laptops. My only complain is the chiclet keyboard. It gets sticky and nasty too fast. Otherwise, the machine is perfect for anything.

@art What do you think about the skulls project? It's custom a custom coreboot ROM for the x230

@joel I'd like to. I'm too nervous to jump into it just yet.

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