There was a time when I used to use Libre Office for spreadsheets, Ghostwriter for creative writing, and Atom as my IDE. Neovim is slowly becoming the one editor to rule them all.

@art Wait, vim can do spreadsheets these days?

I mean, if someone told me emacs did spreadsheets, I wouldn't bat an eye, but vim?

I kinda wish we could send a message back in time to the emacs/vi flamewars saying "In 2018 vim will do spreadsheets and emacs will have model editing. Also they will both be super lightweight in terms of resource usage compared to any other editor"

@Canageek @art If Mark.1988 got that message, or had any description of Atom which Mark.2018 uses, he'd start flipping some shit over. And sticking to stevie or nvi.

@mdhughes @art I wonder what would happen if we went back in time, implemented vi in emacs, made it the default version of vi, and didn't tell anyone for oh, a year.

I'm guessing it would be hilarious.

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