What would be the best XMPP application to recommend to my iPhone using friends?

I'm a Linux / Android guy, so I don't know where to start.

@art I would say ChatSecure. It's really easy and I use the servers myself.

@art Shouldn't their iTunes app store be an easier place to search? jabber clients should be all standard. anything that is open source could be preferable top

@art I use Monal. Proof that something can be the best and still not be very good. Slim pickin's.

@scrow @art Monal isn't available in EU after GDPR, the developer totally misunderstood what it is and removed it for everyone in EU.

@art What do you recommend using as app for Android?

@espen Conversations is probably the most polished and the most feature full.

@art Thanks. I've seen that one and Yaxim around, but guess Conversations is the one to go for.

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