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Cool video.

Applying his recommendations is a pretty good step forward for the lay person, but e.g. I don't believe "there's no harm in using FB". However, I did like that he mentioned RSS, and masto :)

What seems to be missing from all of these posts is the notion of software freedom and the related philosophy. The closest they may come is "open source", which is still pretty far away from free software, since it only focuses on the source code and not on the social/societal/freedom issues with respect to the users of that piece of code or platform.


@aminb @art Hi there! The video maker, here.

I think my biggest problem in making the video is that I am just not a real "expert" on internet technology. I"m a nerd, and highly interested in this stuff, but I am not a developer and I'm not "in" that community. What I would love to do is interview someone with more of that inside knowledge to get a better understanding about the social issues that overlap with technology that you discuss!

@emerican @art Heya!

I hear you. It's okay not being a developer or expert in these topics. I do agree that not being a developer lowers the probability of you stumbling upon the notion of Free Software, but that's what we're all hear for :) To spread the word and learn from each other.

Also, software freedom issues very much have a philosophical / societal aspect, and not as much about the methods used for developing them. A nice place to get an idea of what I'm talking about would be the link below and reading the pages it links to.

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