My co-worker was in the middle of a video chat and decided to reboot on him for an update. Meanwhile on my desktop I have 28 Days and 15 hours of Uptime. All my packages are up to date as well.

We use Windows 10 at work, and Skype for Business (from freaking Microsoft) is our video conferencing tool. Skype for Business regularly causes Windows 10 to kernel panic. I love that their trash conferencing application crashes their trash OS.

@failtime @art I, too, take particular delight in knowing this happens somewhere in the real world.

My favorite part is that it's happened to many different users across many different hardware models.

Props to Microsoft, right? That type of consistency is impressive!

@failtime @art From them, at least 😂

They can't even make their UI consistent on the *same host*

Good point. Or with where you even go to manage things on the same host. Is that in the Settings application? Is it in the Control Panel? Is it in both?

@art oh i can't tell ypu how many times I been there. At the office breaking from the silence all you hear is me screaming fuck windows lol. Worse part is I can run linux at work just have not put in the time to get things to work like skype for business and a alternative to viso and stuff like that.

@art I know, when my family pull my over to help them with Mac updates I get disgusted by their UX.

And here I am being notified of updaes to install, which only very rarely requires me to restart. And when I am required (i.e. I've updated Linux itself), I can do so in my own time.

@art I love how Microsoft wanted to be smart and decided that for Windows Server it won't reboot it automatically. However if you connect to the server via rdp, message appears, that server will be rebooted in 10 minutes. It happened to me on production system and I had 10 minutes to google how to stop the countdown. It's like some sort of survival game.

@Mac_CZ @art

shutdown.exe -a if I recall correctly. I learnt that when sasser was a thing :blobmelt:

@robots @art It wasn't enough, windows update service had to be stopped also.

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