Thinking about buying makes sense. They bought Linkedin. They want to own all the access points of the tech job market.

@art This on its own makes sense, but also shows the hand of MS strategic activity elsewhere:
for awhile I've been wondering "why would MS seemingly go all in on #bitcoin / #ethereum / #blockchain / #cryptocurrency so fast and so early?"
I thought it was because they wanted to own identity ...but
this would also allow them to own the clients that you would use to *get paid*.

This is a weak point for free/open source software - we have enough trouble getting paid as is without this interference.

I don't like that and in the I would migrate all open and free source code from another plataform if they get their hands on it. I never understand why gnome migrated to gitlab instead of github but know it makes sense.

@art So, they'll be after Stack Overflow next, then?

@art Interesting explanation. Is Linkedin still an important access point? Maybe they bought Github because they needed a better one.

🇬🇧 @art I believe Yahoo and Microsoft are two companies that kill everything they buy. Skype was a horrible software before Microsoft acquired it. Yet Microsoft managed to make it even worse.

They'll shut down GitHub...M$ is all in on Azure devops, with VSTS

@bigl0af I actually think that Github fits in perfectly with their Azure platform and I expect to see deeper integration between the two. Plus they can't shutdown Github. It's too much of a cash cow.

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