After more than a decade of crappy ThinkPad laptops, Lenove has started adding 16:10 displays back. However, after that step forward, they took a step backwards with the removal of ACPI S3 (they blame it on Intel, I don't care who's at fault).

Anyway, I compiled a list of the usable ThinkPad laptops as of today:

Before buying, please confirm that the supposedly re-added S3 support actually works in Linux.

The advice of keeping your code narrow does NOT imply inserting hard breaks if you have a line that happens to be too long!

Keeping code narrow improves readability, artificially breaking lines to shorter them to an arbitrary standard destroys it!

Rustfmt(1) is really bad at this, but of course people are bad and should feel bad for wanting this miserable anti-feature in the first place.

NeXTSTEP detachable menus were the best UI invention ever. This question is now settled and there will be no further dissent.

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