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@Ricardus A couple of reputable doctors in Bakersfield, CA are questioning why we continue to enforce lock down policies that are based upon now known faulty predictions: .

@ratamacue Don't believe the hype. How well published was this March 19 U.K. announcement? "As of 19 March 2020, COVID-19 is no longer considered to be a high consequence infectious diseases (HCID) in the UK." --

@andyc @dvdmrsdn I use a native Linux Skype client all the time on an Ubuntu 18.04 desktop. What do you mean by "a proper native Linux client?"

@andyc I would like to know also since I am using Skype and Hangouts. Let us know what you learn.

@cs Sorry for the late reply. You might try a few dabs of rubber cement and see how well it tolerates heat.

@cs I used a very small dab of super glue for this purpose to reattach a light lens to the car body. It can easily be removed.

@cadadr We choose to be offended, thereby controlling the subsequent narrative.

Any status update on bboard still returns to the shell prompt when I run it.

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@jasmaz As an ARPA member, I only have an account on Regarding bboard dot files, yes. I renamed ".bbread" and ran bboard. Same result: it immediately returns to the shell prompt.

@tomasino I suspect that bboard is comparing my username (andyp) against a blacklist and refusing to run. Can I verify that?

@tomasino I just tried:

$ TERM=vt100 bboard

and that also returns immediately, with a return code of zero.

@tomasino My TERM environment variable value remains unchanged: xterm

Mastodonians Using Have you been able to use bboard this week? It immediately returns to the shell prompt for me.

@salixlucida Is somebody forcing this mom, Aaliyah Cortez, to work at this bar? Guilting customers to tip so she can work at a job she loves, but that doesn't pay the bills, is disingenuous at best.

On, bboard is still immediately returning to the shell prompt when run. Do we have a known outage with our favorite bulletin board program?

Just in case an sys admin is watching, bboard immediately returns to the shell prompt this morning.

@laemeur I second homemade bread. I mill hard red winter wheat for half of the flour in sour dough whole wheat rolls.

@ablackcatstail Did you read the "Linux Journal" article in one of its last issues?

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