What's with the obstacles in buying Bitcoin? At bitcoin.com, I tried to use a VISA and MasterCard credit card, as well as a VISA debit card. Every financial institution rejected the transaction. When I called CapitalOne VISA, they said their policies prohibit crypto currency purchases!

@jdarnold And, I would add, avoid catching psycovid: n. an irrational mental state induced by a misinformed fear of COVID-19.

Goodness. I just realized that I haven't had lunch! 🤯

@wlsn Those characters are named "brackets" and "braces," respectively. Unfortunately, I can't help you with markdown.

@paradroyd Thanks! I saw weird ACL restriction a day or two ago so this might be related. In the other hand, it was on a Windows 8.1 tablet.

@adamd We tip toed into the x86 market with accelerated floating point coprocessors (remember those?), followed by 80386s extended with 486 instructions (Cx486SX), and then the M1.

@adamd Nice. I helped verify several Cyrix processors back in the day ...

@failtime @tomasino C shell derived history substitution is incredibly powerful.

@khm @SDF I also typeset one of my books, Functional Verification Coverage Measurement and Analysis, using a make-driven troff flow. Nice!

@jirka Do you having s working Ubuntu Touch? I'd love to migrate to one from this Windows 8.1 tablet.

@Ricardus A couple of reputable doctors in Bakersfield, CA are questioning why we continue to enforce lock down policies that are based upon now known faulty predictions: aier.org/article/open-up-socie .

@ratamacue Don't believe the hype. How well published was this March 19 U.K. announcement? "As of 19 March 2020, COVID-19 is no longer considered to be a high consequence infectious diseases (HCID) in the UK." -- gov.uk/guidance/high-consequen

@andyc @dvdmrsdn I use a native Linux Skype client all the time on an Ubuntu 18.04 desktop. What do you mean by "a proper native Linux client?"

@andyc I would like to know also since I am using Skype and Hangouts. Let us know what you learn.

@cs Sorry for the late reply. You might try a few dabs of rubber cement and see how well it tolerates heat.

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