Mastodonians Using Have you been able to use bboard this week? It immediately returns to the shell prompt for me.

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Any status update on bboard still returns to the shell prompt when I run it.

@apiziali Working fine here. Some folks suggested others having issues might check their TERM environment variable settings. Mine is "screen-256color"

@tomasino My TERM environment variable value remains unchanged: xterm

@tomasino I just tried:

$ TERM=vt100 bboard

and that also returns immediately, with a return code of zero.

@tomasino I suspect that bboard is comparing my username (andyp) against a blacklist and refusing to run. Can I verify that?

@apiziali have you tried running bboard from other hosts?

Have you tried backing up the bboard associated 'dot' files and trying a fresh run of bboard?

@jasmaz As an ARPA member, I only have an account on Regarding bboard dot files, yes. I renamed ".bbread" and ran bboard. Same result: it immediately returns to the shell prompt.

@apiziali @jasmaz
As an ARPA member, I have no problem getting on to BBOARD when I log on via ssh to

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