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Finally an anonymous web 

Go to your domain (e.g. and see your content. Share by any means. Do not mention any real places or real people and there is no way to find out who wrote it. It requires discipline.

Third step 

Register a account via the new email address. Do the same with GitHub. Make sure you use Tor for accessing them all and make notes.

Second step 

Using Tor browser (or Firefox set to Tor SOCKS proxy) go to - check for availability of the domain you want - generate some randomness like 5cf1f9e

First step 

The first step is to register an email address. Run Tor. Connect to via Tor (usually available via SOCKS proxy `localhost:9050`). Make a new account. Use something smart for generating passwords, e.g. and always make notes - real notes on paper. Tell someone you trust. Do not tell anyone else.

I am setting up an anonymous web site which will explain how to set up an anonymous web site.

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