CLOS & Metaobject Protocol 

To any who may be interested in some and especially content for the moderately indoctrinated, looking to learn about the MOP, I have been posting to my blog again:

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CLOS & Metaobject Protocol 


> Where is that :key argument coming from in the calls to initialize-instance above?

Should that be make-instance? I don't see initialize-instance previously mentioned in the post. Does make-instance implicitly invoke initialize-instance?

CLOS & Metaobject Protocol 


(edit, i misread your toot). Yeah it should be `make-instance`. thanks!
--- preserved for posterity ---
Heya, I have a habit of showing example showing examples of use prior to implementations.

Maybe it is a bad habit? Maybe I should present definitions before examples?

Anyway, later on in the post you can see where that :key comes from

Thanks for reading!

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