page 113 of "Poly, The" (1913)
Ident. polythe1913bill

page 245 of "Canadian machinery and metalworking (January-June 1913)" (1913)
Ident. canmachinerjanjun1913toro

Sears catalogue 1935 Foundation garments and shapers

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Crank Shaper by Potter & Johnston Mach Co. 形削り盤

page 373 of "Railway mechanical engineer" (1916)
Ident. railwaymechanica91newy

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Traded 10 mouse scrolls for three mouse clicks. Arbitrarily set scroll length for positive results. Gaining traction, old ball clusters in well molded socket. Unedited file flows fictitiously, or perhaps studiously, from an encampment, where tiny mice roam unhindered. 📻 🕰 from an archive far far away.


if the story-line greets, while spices treat, a DVD can invite an escape from the doldrum in the trenches, much the same as before the foreclosed movie theaters departed, prior to the day of reallocation of assets, fascination perplexing as it is. 📻 🕰 rejuvenation paved streets.

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the gesture was related to DVD, for practicality.

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going to do Bollywood! 📻 🕰

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@NattyGov when mentioning "naan", along with other delights. 🙃


endorsing the naan radio, practicality omitted if a voyage into Bollywood is appreciated. 📻 🕰

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theater remembrance, drawn perch, running fence, shifting glimmer, magnificence.

Potter Schoolhouse, black feathers, perched; popcorn, theater smell, salty fingers, pepper, juxtaposed, masked sunset, sunrise Monday tremor, trenched cubicle.


more server problems "666" was disconnected, yet again. diggin' in. 📻 🕰 🦀

"anybody else out there, want n to come on?"

Tiny Blue Crab -- Torquay Beach

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