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Missus already receiving plaintive requests from patients, friends, ex-boyfriends, colleagues and pen pals from 1987 asking her whether she can pull any strings to get them, their Mother/Auntie or vulnerable partner/offspring a Covid vaccination.

It normally opens with 'Hi Norma-Jeane. Happy New Year ! I know it's a long shot but...'

Short answer: 'No' (although I would word it rather differently).

Nice to see the Berties warming up for the League Cup semi against United on Weds with a disjointed, disappointing performance at Stamford Bridge 🙂

...which was a shame as I had grown slightly attached to 'OleGunnar99!' (2G) and 'vanGaal16!' (5G).

The ultimate conclusion of the network extended experiment was that was angled the router antenna slightly differently and put it back in its box.

Oh and we changed the passwords forcing every device to re-authenticate which irritated the wife intensely. An hour without the Daily Mail or access to online retailers is a serious issue in our house.

Why I even installed PostgreSQL and investigated why select count(*) from a 15 million table takes 8 mins on Amazon RDS.

Answer: It (normally) has to perform a full sequential scan for version consistency and it's compounded if you have a column containing 5k characters of JSON nonsense.

Me to lad - 'Remind me - why are we doing this again ?'

Sounds bizarre but quite relieved to get back to work. Quet Xmas with missus, lad and mother-in-law. Cooped up doing the same walk in the park, endlessly having the same discussions, watching the same sci-fi films, watching the same footy matches. Buying 'stuff', returning 'stuff'.

Groundhog day.

During the never ending, circular experiments and investigations into wireless networking, my lad paused to ask

'Remind me - why are we doing this again ?'

'Because Mum's video was blurry and lagged during the virtual board games on Christ mas Eve'.

'...but we have only played virtual board games in the kitchen once'

'Yes, yes - I know that and the kitchen is absolutely the furthest location from the router but that doesn't matter. Just press the Pair button on that Powerline adapter again'.

Daughter gave me a network extender. Similar to the 'I have a string manipulation problem'. 'Oh you will need a regexp for that'

Now, lo and behold, you have two problems.

Most people I mentor use 3 tables with 150 records on a local DB so I encourage them to consider how this application/import/export/report will work with 150 million records.

Apart from my lad, who has appeared to start developing an application with a data set consisting of 150 million records hosted on AWS. And the Applicasion tier is hosted elsewhere.

And, err, it's slow.

Let's just simplify this and and consider this with just 150 records.

He's a bloody professional contrarian I tell you

Know a handful of people who tested positive for Covid in last 9 months and shrugged it off.

In last week, my Auntie (elderly, frail) and a former colleague (younger than me) have been hospitalised with Covid. On oxygen, not ventilation but still.

Missus tells me 40% of C.19 infections are 'hospital acquired'. Eek.

So, stick your insane conspiracy theories where the sun doesn't shine. Lanzarote - if you can get a flight.

No longer seeing the daughter and partner for Xmas.

This is a shame as she is great fun and keeps the momentum going when conversation gets stilted and he likes a drink. Or 12.

We are now left with mother-in-law and my lad who might grace us with his presence if he gets a whiff of a turkey dinner.

I think I might call in to a radio show to incessantly bleat about how unfair this is and also moan about the increased price of citrus fruits.

A bit of routine snapshot housekeeping on my TrueNAS has deleted my 'Backups' data set. And I, err, have no Backups. Currently carefully watching the rsync's.

Fair play to the EU for sending us a not so thinly veiled message. Blocking the ports for solitary truck drivers is merely a taste of what might come...

Biesla's unerringly accurate analysis

"Our attacks came from combination play and their attacks came from the fact we were losing the ball in attacking positions, and they would transition from defence to attack. Our return was slower than their transition."

...although 's/slower/non-existent/'

Missus helped out giving Covid vaccines at the care home on Saturday.

She got a jab at the end of her sessions - not directly because she volunteered - but because some care home staff were no-shows or declined the offer.

Surprised the conspiracy theorists don't make more of every single mention of 'Our experts in Porton D|own have told us....'

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