Impromptu day off work. Now embarking on a George Best style 24 hour bender.

Demo yesterday. Went to illustrate 'File Upload'.

Navigated seamlessly to 'Files - Recent' to pick an Oracle centric candidate.

People were treated to this thumbnail (from recent media library housekeeping)

I think I'm probably wrong but yesterday seemed like a seminal moment and turning point - sort of reminiscent of the Grim Reaper at Goodison for Moyes last game in charge.

Not trivialising a tragic event and I'm all for the minute's silence held for a copper killed in a Croydon police station but who at Crystal Palace seriously thought this was a good idea.

Firstly, it is unbelievably tacky but secondly, and this was my immediate reaction, it looks like a sleeping (or worse and I truly hesitate to say it), dead policeman.

Hook Norton Festival of Fine Ales was held at a mates house this year . A nosy neighbour politely enquired 'Excuse me but do I see 9 people drinking real ale in your garden?'

For your enjoyment. The transcript of the Partridge zombie sketch.

I didn't realise I'd worked constantly from 4 January. A change of scene was most welcome.

Took my wife, mask and watch on holiday to the idyllic Isle of Wight.

Just applied for an internal transfer to 'PeopleSoft Tools Icons (Windows division)'.

These guys look like they need some help 🙂

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