@dick_turpin Yeah my lad triggered my interest (well he wouldn't flipping shut up about the joys of crypto and poker) before the previous highs (December 2018 ?).

Then it fell back, everyone said 'I told you so' and I wrote off my fun investment. This recent resurgence is most unexpected !

@dick_turpin I've made a little more than that but skirting around the specific whenever the wife asks :-)

@dick_turpin I also hold Ethereum (and smaller amounts of Monero, Cardano and IOTA).

@andyc Given I have never used fiat to buy Crypto I'm pretty pleased with the returns.

@andyc @dick_turpin Now you're talking. Monero the thing everyone thinks bitcoin is. I mine about 0.2 XMR per month.
One day Rodney we'll be millionaires. :D

@timttmy @dick_turpin 6 months to make c. $160. Is it worth your CPU usage and electricity bill ?

@andyc @dick_turpin No definitely not but I leave xmrig running on a couple machines at work so don't notice the increase on the bill (I pay the bill btw). I try to think of what it might be worth in the future and a fun thing to play around with.

@timttmy @dick_turpin Fair enough. I was also curious about mining and experimented. Like you, not to make $$$ but just curious...

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