I tend to obsess about celebrity deaths and have lost a couple of good friends IRL at a relatively young age but I am still saddened about @pla passing.

I never met PLA. I'm not even sure I exchanged DM's with him. I certainly never emailed him.

But as @fitheach said, I'm not sure whether I am sad or angry (at the nature of his exit).

Just so sad for his immediate friends and family.

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@andyc @pla @fitheach Whoa, wait, what happened? I've spoken to him a few times.

@dick_turpin @andyc @pla @fitheach That is really sad. I used to see him pop up with his photos all the time.

@andyc @pla @fitheach

Yeah, I'll miss him in a very low key but vary real way. His constant drip of cycling posts had become part of the furniture of my online life.

Genuinely struggled the other day looking at his last fedi post of a photo about 20km up the road from where it happened.

The saddest part of his obit, "and his soon-to-be granddaughter"

@basil @pla @fitheach

This struck me too.

'The saddest part of his obit, "and his soon-to-be granddaughter"'

@andyc @basil @pla

I am both sad and angry (at the manner of his passing), I'm just not sure which is the stronger emotion.

I've never lost an online friend before, so I didn't know what to expect. I really feel a loss, but I think that is down to Patrick being such a lovely guy. We did communicate quite frequently, but it was never deep & meaningful. However, our discussions were always thoroughly enjoyable. Whenever I had any interaction with PLA I always came away feeling uplifted.

@fitheach @andyc @basil @pla
> Whenever I had any interaction with PLA I always came away feeling uplifted.

I think that many people (myself included) felt the same thing. It was Patrick's superpower. And I guess that's why so many of us are affected by his passing, even if we didn't know him closely.

The unfairness of it too, a hard reminder of how unsafe it is to practice #cycling when it has no business to be.

death, accident 

@normandc @fitheach @andyc @basil @pla

I was struck by this most when lilo from Freenode passed several years ago in a biking accident.

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