Talking of casual homophobia (which we weren't BTW), 4 days cooped up with the M-I-L finally caused me to lose it and challenge her.

This caused some tension but how else do you politely retort to this ?

'I know I probably shouldn't say this and I know it doesn't matter but, of course, they're all Asian in there ?'

'As you said it doesn't matter so why say it ? I wonder if all the people working there go on their break and say 'Of course, they're all old, white, racist ladies that come here?'

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@andyc I honestly don't see that as racist but asking a question. Of course I don't have the full context and I don't know the personality of your mother-in-law. Maybe she was wondering if the food was authentic?

@jordan31 Sorry - I didn't mean to append a '?' to her sentence. It was a statement not a question, casual Daily Mail, older generation racism and I'm sick of it.

She was visiting a budget Poundland store and noted that the people politely serving her for her oh so precious £1 Toblerone or 40W light bulbs,.

The fact she prefaced it 'I probably shouldn't say this' (implied knowledge that it's wrong) followed by 'it doesn't matter' (well does it matter or not ?) is what really fecking annoyed me

@andyc yeah that does change things a fair amount. I'm not sure what to say other than try to ignore it. Sometimes the phrase set in their ways is true. It can be hard for someone even the person to change a old habit. I can't fully understand their logic but I also didn't grow up in their time, not that it makes it right.

That store sounds like a EU version of Dollar General in the USA.

@jordan31 @andyc

moving into a house with some friends while studying at university.

Step father helping carry some furniture into the house.

Neighbour arrives home, goes into their home with some shopping. All very ordinary.

Him, sighing: "This used to be such a nice area for families".

_I'll leave it to the reader to figure the details I've left out_

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