My dad used to actively encourage me to get into scraps because 'once you get used to it, it's no big deal', or some such wisdom.

It did not work. I remain, to this day, deeply uncomfortable with almost all forms of confrontation.


@basil Yes. I didn't really peg you as a scrapper which was why that anecdote surprised me (although obviously I believed it).

@andyc I have a few tales like this from my school days, was just the environment, really.

Damaged knee ligaments was as worse off as I ever got in a fight (more of a beating really)... And was once stabbed in the shoulder with a scalpel. But it wasn't as dramatic as it sounds because I was wearing a winter jacket so it didn't go in very far.

Dickhead kids, from dickhead families, being dickheads.

@basil Bloody hell. I lived a very sheltered, middle class life. I once fell out with Brian Brownlow as he refused to swap his Norman Whiteside WC 1982 football card with me.

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