The little things

I am beset by little things at the moment. After giving up on listening to that damn aax file (for now) I decided to listen to David Graeber talking about debt, but there is no RSS feed, I have to listen via the website. Fuck. I mean, I know I am behind the times with my olden ways but... Fuck. I live in the Australian Outback, when I leave the cold blue radiation sphere of my wifi I'm in the golden brown of the dreaming. There is no streaming in the dreaming. I suppose I will have to resort to letting my brain have freeform thoughts. It's not so bad.


@trregeagle Seriously, back to the original complaint, while there's no RSS feed, it appears to be a podcast.

Try a pod catcher so you can download and listen offline while you go walk/cycle about in the outback finding yourself.

We know podcasts have made it to Australia as you co-hosted the most popular one - Sawtell.

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@trregeagle @andyc If there's no #RSS (or #Atom, etc.) feed, it's not a #podcast (which means the #Sawtell podcast is no longer a podcast; just a bunch of files on Being so very old, I know not these "pod catchers" of which you speak. Are you saying the #BBC uses a publicly documented, freely implementable syndication format/protocol, but that it's just not #RSS? If not, we have to use daisy chains of stuff like youtube-dl to achieve what Cory Doctorow calls "adversarial interoperability".… #freetard
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