The little things

I am beset by little things at the moment. After giving up on listening to that damn aax file (for now) I decided to listen to David Graeber talking about debt, but there is no RSS feed, I have to listen via the website. Fuck. I mean, I know I am behind the times with my olden ways but... Fuck. I live in the Australian Outback, when I leave the cold blue radiation sphere of my wifi I'm in the golden brown of the dreaming. There is no streaming in the dreaming. I suppose I will have to resort to letting my brain have freeform thoughts. It's not so bad.


@trregeagle 'Little things' is clearly about drugs but Rossdale one claimed it was actually about those little, irritating things that resound in your head, tormenting you.

Like the BBC's stubborn refusal to provide RSS feeds.

Or the wife's never ending, unceasing, dripping water tap torture campaign to secure new carpets throughout the entire house.

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'Going up when coming down'
'Scratch away, away, away, away''

Clear drug references, Gav.

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