@jamie@social.helios.red @basil With the advent of streaming and music libraries, I've lost this OCD trait but back in the days of vinyl LP's, I always used to listen to an album in its entirety.

Side 1 followed by side 2. Of course, it was a pain with a needle on a record player to select a favourite track but I continued to do this when CD's first came out.

@andyc @jamie

Young lad at work has a huge array of self curated playlists on Spotify.

He saw me using Spotify and was aghast that I had none.

I told him that an album is a playlist that the artist has made for you, and they are the experts. Blew his mind. 😆

All in jest, of course, but I used to have a hangup about getting through the full record.


@basil @jamie@social.helios.red I only have two playlists - the legendary 'Music for Sheep' that I lost and had to recreate so often on every flipping music platform/player I had to write a blog post about it.

The other is 'Sad Songs' - well it's actually 'Funeral Setlist' but I worried if people saw me playing that, they might worry I was about my state of mind and thin I was about to join the '27 Club'. With an Senior Citizen discount.

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