I'm confused by this mass testing of NHS critical workers.

If you test positive, are you sent home to self-isolate ?

If you test negative, are you cleared to carry on working as normal ?

But, presumably, you could be clear on Monday and then show symptoms and test positive on Tuesday. Are the tests repeated ? I doubt it.

[ I understand the value of antibody tests to determine whether a person has had CV.19 virus and is safe to resume normal life (but AFAIK that isn't available yet) ]

@andyc You're an intelligent man.

Hypothetically, if you've got it and you're not keeling over you can carry on: Given you've probably already infected the house where you live you can go home so long as you don't interact with anyone. Hypothetically of course. 😉

Here's the interesting scenario: So you test positive, you're instructed to stay in your house. What do you do for food if you weren't a hoarder? Can you go to the corner shop for milk thus, potentially, infecting the shop owner?

@dick_turpin Indeed. For all this endless, rolling 7x24 media analysis by every channel, these seem to be bleeding obvious questions which aren't even asked.

@andyc You don't seriously believe these news presenters are intelligent do you? The key word there was "Presenters"because the likes of Naga and Susanna are not even journalists so I doubt they would know pertinent questions to ask unless it appeared on the autocue from the moronic producer

@dick_turpin I'm not purely talking about BBC Breakfast and ITV Good Morning.

Maybe I care because my missus works in a GP surgery but my 25 year old lad shows more intelligence and, scientific, logical critical thinking than all of these media experts.

@dick_turpin @andyc
My wife has had a letter from the NHS telling her to stay home for 12 weeks.
Now, to get deliveries or even click and collect from Waitrose or Sainsbury's, you have to register on the government website.
However, although my wife has several health issues which put her at risk, there is a list of recognised conditions, none of which match hers, so she cannot register.
Which means I may have to go to the supermarket, hence putting her at risk.

@wyliecoyoteuk @andyc TBF, the government can't win. If they whisked your Mrs off to the super hospital in London it would be "She's all alone, I can't afford to go every day even if they'd let me see her."

TBH they should have deployed troops with jeeps to support supermarket's home delivery services. And limited visits to the supermarket to Milk, bread and baby stuff only. I'd put money on most of the spread down to shopping at the likes of TESCOS.

@dick_turpin @andyc
we do have a delivery this week, and asda click and collects booked for the next 2, but it is becoming increasingly difficult to book, Waitrose and Sainsburys will not do delivery or CNC unless you are on the register, ASDA are only showing 2 weeks booking dates.We can't even register with Morrisons because the website doesn't recognise our postcode.
Ocado don't deliver here.
Luckily, the local shops are now offering free delivery within 5 miles.

@wyliecoyoteuk @dick_turpin @andyc I've noticed both Morrisons & Sainsburys are only really opening slots for a few days ahead; I've got an Asda order booked for tomorrow but that's it at the moment.

@wyliecoyoteuk @andyc Up here ASDA is three or four weeks and Sainsburys don't have any dates.

Like I said, they should deploy light military vehicles to help with deliveries. That would ease the strain.

@wyliecoyoteuk @dick_turpin @andyc Sainsbury's seems to have allowed me to see the delivery slot still - I'm not registered on the gov site; it wasn't doing but then started doing (after failing to get through on the phone)

@penguin42 @wyliecoyoteuk @andyc And there was the wife and I telling everyone how impressed we were with the government and what they had set in place. Looks like things are starting to fall apart?

@andyc I should have added "Go home and come back for your next shift. Hypothetically of course. 🤐

@andyc I think a lot of people just want to pile on the government. It is exactly that the current PCR test won't tell you if you had it just if you currently have it - a negative test doesn't help much if you get infected tomorrow and you can't test the entire workforce every day. Once the serology/antigen test is available you will be able to clear people who have had it which will make managing the workforce a bit easier.

@stsquad I'm not blaming the Government. I actually think their response has been OK (if a little delayed and media influenced). Damned if they do, damned if they don't. Whatever they do.

@andyc @stsquad

Current advice is to self-isolate if you have symptoms, which means a lot of NHS workers will be at home with a cold.

So could be useful in getting people back to work sooner, and to stop them going off work at all.

@dvdmrsdn @andyc I agree that we want non-covid workers back on the line as soon as we can. All I'm saying is the existing PCR tests are not the panacea the commentator classes seem to think they are. We could just about keep up with demand when we were in test and trace mode but once the virus had broken out it was more important the limited resources where directed at the clinical needs.

@stsquad @andyc

Not sure anyone thinks they are a panacea.

Other benefits to consider are that many/most NHS workers will not be going home to an empty household - I've seen stories of workers being asked to leave their digs at very short notice due to landlord fears of cross-contamination.

And maybe not a clinical consideration, but testing surely generates confidence in authorities and morale in workforce.

Lastly, all those who are non-symptomatic but carrying and spreading the disease.


This Google doc (officially confirmed by DHSC on Twitter/GOV.UK) claims UK is conducting c. 7,000 tests a day.

Will be interesting to monitor this number.

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