I find it amusing, bizarre and quite worrying how some IT sales people (including my own daughter and colleagues) are adopting to a prolonged period of working remotely.

Endless, 'funny' C.19 videos, dressing up in dinner jackets for 'Happy Hour', having a morning 09:00 calls to ensure people to be up and dressed, tweaking Zoom wallpaper.


@andyc no it person works a 9 to 5. They work through the night and just show up with coffee.


Sorry if I'm being dense but why would a daily, morning call (Agile !) and weekly status be a problem ?

Because your 5 year old son might be jumping around, pulling funny faces, tugging at your shirt in the background ?

Or you work funny hours to fit in with child care ?


I spend most of my normal working hours alone in an office without any management supervision at all, which seems to suit all of us.

So the thought of a daily meeting in which I would be expected to say what I did yesterday, what I'm doing today and tomorrow fills me with dread.

It's not like I don't have things to do, but...

@dvdmrsdn Gotcha. I must admit when I was first exposed to this Agile/Scrum morning meeting, I thought it was a bit pointless/cringeworthy....

@andyc Someone suggested a 'happy hour' zoom call to me today. Fancy dress was mentioned too. They can fuck right off.

@andyc But, in testament to the video quality on Zoom, my boss told me that she could see me rolling my eyes.

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