Disappointment can smack you on the back of the head sometimes. Besides Hubzilla I have also been reasonably active on Identica/StatusNet/GNUSocial for years. As it is in its slow death spiral now, I thought I'd connect to a few ActivityPub-using folks via Hubzilla.

I found someone (who shall remain nameless) whose podcast output I have admired (mostly Linux/free software howtos and the like). Could be interesting I thought.

I was not expecting scores of Breibart, second amendment hectoring, anti-immigrant and Islam stuff and essentially lazy Twitter retweets.

Colour me surprised.

@elmussol Get @rpcutts @dvdmrsdn @dick_turpin @theru@theru.xyz and @Luke onto your timeline and cheer yourself up man !

@andyc @elmussol @rpcutts @dvdmrsdn @Luke

Did someone say they need my special brand of compassion, understanding and Empathy?


@dick_turpin @elmussol @rpcutts @dvdmrsdn @Luke Well Prince Andrew speaks very highly of your self-help courses !

@andyc @elmussol @rpcutts @dvdmrsdn @Luke

Man's a dick. Should have taken a leaf out of the Queens book: "Never complain, never explain."

All this baying for his blood is pointless and a waste of energy if you ask me. He's going to be crucified now not that at the end of the day much will change for him.

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