This constant blaming of the London fire service annoys me intensely. Just one example:

'Watch manager Michael Dowden - among the first at the scene - had received no training on how the materials used to refurbish Grenfell Tower would behave in a fire'.

The materials used to refurb Grenfell should never have been used in the first place. That should have been the first enquiry

How the feck could the fire service know how these materials would behave in a fire ?

...and that is the true reason for the ill-fated and tragic 'Stay put' decision. Because the LFS believed the council maintained block of flats was compliant with building regulations and hence could tolerate the fire for longer and stay intact allowing them to risk their lives by going inside to rescue people.

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@andyc yeah, no issues with the report itself finding any and all flaws but the reporting is rather overblown.

@andyc Such is the level of negligence, I think they are devoting a whole separate report to just how the building management and regulation inspectors managed to fuck up so badly.

@rpcutts I truly, truly hope so and the powers that be aren't simply planting the 'Grenfell was the firemen's fault' and the subsequent inquiry re. council, building regulations, cost cutting and incompetence is mysteriously buried.

@rpcutts Yeah - I don't think the head of LFS claiming there were 'no lessons to be learned' and the 'landing the space shuttle on the Shard' analogy was very ill-advised and insensitive.

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