Well I suspect that unless the EU refuses to give the UK more time and also refuses to accept the revoking of Article 50 we will not be leaving the EU after this heinous law was implemented that gives the government no choice but to stab the leave voters in the back. #brexit

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I have no idea what your skewed idea of democracy is but using the law to force your government into a position whereby they have no option but to revoke article 50 unless the EU gives us a fantastic deal or an extension is not any sane persons perception of democracy. If MP's are unhappy they should vote no confidence or force a General Election the current government no has no power and nowhere to go and they cannot even resign!

@jwildeboer They should have had a General Election over a year ago. If Labour had won they could have held a 2nd referendum but then, at the time, they were in favour of leaving too! Most of them still are. I think we should have a General Election a.s.a.p. it will clearly be a pretend referendum but it should decide once and for all if we stay or go.

Personally I don't think we can afford to stay now for the reason I set out earlier. I await to be proved right as per usual.

@dick_turpin I have always said that the 2016 referendum was IMHO useless as it was an emotional, not a rational vote. There was no plan behind the leave option. Now that a Withdrawal Agreement is on the table, a referendum would be more based on concrete outcome. It was a rushed mess in 2016 and ATM it isn't much better IMHO. I hope a majority of the people agrees that No Deal is not even close to being a solution. We will see :(


@jwildeboer @dick_turpin

There was only one problem with the 2016 Brexit referendum.

Forget emotion, forget rational.

It was a binary choice. That was the problem.

And for that, I solely blame David ('Anyone interested in my memoirs') Cameron.

His idiocy and self-interest resulted in three years of chaos where important domestic issues have been completely sidelined.

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@andyc @jwildeboer Totally agree.

This is what annoys me to the point of pure rage. It simply said "stay" or "leave" on the ballot paper and half the nation is lying and saying "We voted to leave with a a deal." no you fookin didn't! you voted stay or leave nobody mentioned the implications of either choice.

I always thought the referendum was made to scare the EU, they just wanted to win it by a small margin to blackmail the EU and they lost it. It was a bluff that went wrong and now they don't know how to get out of the hole they have made.
@andyc @jwildeboer

@ghostdancer @andyc @jwildeboer I think all sides claim to know the reasons why along with what they believe should happen. Andy is totally correct in his assessment. Cameron was convinced the vote would be "Remain" and so therefore did diddley squat in terms of preparation that's why he skipped town before the walls came crashing down. Whether he thought a vote would scare the EU is a matter for yet another bleedin(g) debate!

@ghostdancer @dick_turpin @andyc IMHO the referendum was the result of an inner tory party struggle for power, combined with the risk of Farage and his UKIPpers taking votes away from them. Sort of like a pressure valve to let off some hot air. Well. Turned out to be a bit more, unfortunately.

@jwildeboer @ghostdancer @andyc Na, it was even more pathetic than that! The referendum was in the Tory manifesto. Most of our party's make promises to get voted in that they rarely keep. Cameron thought this would be a fore gone conclusion and so therefore trivial to grant thus making it look like the Tories upheld a manifesto election promise only to have it backfire on him.

@dick_turpin I still can't understand how the hell they didn't have a b plan , just in case, they knew the difference would be close, that shows how arrogant they are. @jwildeboer @andyc

@ghostdancer @dick_turpin @andyc β€œA common mistake that people make when trying to design something completely foolproof is to underestimate the ingenuity of complete fools.” - Douglas Adams :)

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