Lad had face to face interview with Rational DB company in Brighton yesterday. Said it went well (again). Said the Team Leader is on holiday (again). Said we should hear by 'middle of next week' (again).

'a lot of the code we get submitted for the Tech Test is a confused, sprawling mess but your solution was neat and concise'.

@lychee Possibly but we';ve had so many false dawns and false hope before, I dunno. My lad is an incredibly resilient character and relentlessly positive which is a great trait (not shared by me :-) but sometimes I wonder if he interprets feedback as positive where it may be, err, more double edged.

@andyc Yeah, I was gullible in my youth too. But sometimes there is no fault in ignorance.

Possibly better for him to think that they like him and what he's doing, rather than just see their words as excuses or just "being nice" and not meaning it.

The job market is tough. There are lots of candidates and for me, who has sat on both sides of the hiring process, its hard to pick out someone from 20+ good or promising candidates when you only have one position to fill.

@lychee Indeed and to be fair, I can't fault him for being absolutely 100% and unquestionably honest.

While he may talk up some of his own achievements, he would never try to 'blag' anyone at any time about any subject. He just says 'I am what I am, I've done what I've done. If they like me, great, if not, fair enough. That's their perogative'.

@lychee He's exactly the same with us. For example, my brother-in-law organised the extended family to take part in some 'It's a Knockout' obstacle race in Finsbury Park at the weekend.

My wife went to the venue early to have lunch and a catch up with my daughter.

He refused saying 'No - I only saw Laura last week so I'm leaving 90 mins later and arriving just in time for the start'.

Now that could be construed as rude, bizarre or impolite but that's the way he is. Universally with everyone.


'Possibly better for him to think that they like him and what he's doing...'

To be fair, that's exactly how he (and I TBF) interprets most of the feedback.

The last one he missed out on, with reflection, was for a more senior experienced role paying decent money £35k in London and they plumped for a more experienced candidate. Which is fair enough. Frustrating (at the time) that he came so close.

@andyc fingers crossed for him; Brighton is a lovely place to work.

@Luke Bloody expensive to live though on £26k. Maybe he could come and lodge with you. LOL !

@andyc I doubt he could afford to lodge with me! How anybody can afford to live in Brighton, or the SE in general, can afford to start out these days is beyond me. He'll probably just have to live somewhere unfashionable like Saltdean or Lancing.

@Luke My lass (I don't call them 'lad' and 'lass' at home - dunno why I do so here) studied at Brighton Met for 3 years so she knows the cheap areas and nightspots pretty well.

Lad want to live close enough to cycle or walk to work. As this office is 5 mins from station, that may be tricky.

@andyc @Luke
I thought there were plenty of starter homes like this in SE England, no?

@fitheach @andyc I've seen similar in the local parks and they're occupied by folks drinking super strength cider

Only because you haven't got Minimum Pricing for Alcohol. Bye, bye, cheap cider.


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